Catch Debris

An easier way to keep your fields litter free and comply with DNR regulations

Tired of picking up debris in your field?

Try the Jaws Debris Catcher!

  • Lightweight aluminum with no moving parts
  • 6” coupler which can be reduced
  • Standard splashplate as recommended by DNR
  • Uniform application of any kind of waste
  • Monitor waste flow with your mirrors or cameras

Easy to clean. Simply hose it down, throw the litter in the garbage, and leave the debris catcher in the field to mark where you left off.

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Jaws Debris Catcher

We have been using the Jaws Debris Catcher in each of our fields. It does a great job catching all the litter. It saves me time and money and is well worth the investment. I highly recommend this to other pumpers in the septage industry.

Jon Bischel, Owner Bischel's Septic Service, LLC